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Top 7 Optical Lamps for Sports Fans

3D lamps are an amazing addition to any room. Perfect for your bedroom, dining room, living room, basement, etc. With an energy efficient bright LED light which lasts up to 50,000 hours, you can add this piece anywhere for long lasting satisfaction and beauty. In today's blog I will be going through the Top 7 3D Optical Lamps for Sports Fans. Showcasing my favourite sports 3D Optical Lamps in our store for you! 

  1. If you’re a fan of football (American soccer) then this is the lamp for you. This lamp displays a 3D illuminated soccer ball. This piece can fit into any room of your home, as a constant reminder of the game you love. Get this as a gift for your friend who loves the game, or treat yourself! The lamp comes in 7 different colours, so we probably have whichever colour you prefer. There are even more customized balls if you’re a fan of a specific team. Some of our customized soccer team lamps include: Real Madrid, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, and more! Football Soccer 3D Optical Illusion Lamp - 3D Optical Lamp
  2. If you’re a fan of the great game of hockey this is the lamp for you! This 3D Optical Lamp showcases a Maple Leafs player gliding down the ice, handling the puck to perfection. This elegant 3D lamp displays the beauty of the game. Put this lamp next to your old trophy case and become engulfed in nostalgia from your greatest moments as a player! Hockey Ice Ball 3D Optical Illusion Lamp - 3D Optical Lamp
  3. If you love the sport of tennis, then I am certain you will love this lamp. This 3D Optical Lamp features a tennis player lunging to swiftly strike the ball back to her opponent. Enjoy this Optical Lamp in any of the 7 colours offered, in any place of your choice. Play Tennis 3D Optical Illusion Lamp - 3D Optical Lamp
  4. If you used to be a high flyer you will love this lamp! This 3D Optical Lamp displays an amazing basketball athlete soaring through the air to put whoever is in their way on a poster! Place this anywhere around your home to dream about your most amazing dunks, or if you’re like myself, you can just dream about touching the rim. Either way, this slam dunk lamp is great for any home. Slam Dunk 3D Optical Illusion Lamp - 3D Optical Lamp
  5. This 3D lamp is quite spectacular. It features a very talented gymnast, performing the second half of a back handspring move. This is an incredible feat of strength, balance, and timing. This is a move very few can pull off, only the very talented individuals. Which is why it is such an amazing piece to add to your home! Gymnastics 3D Optical Illusion Lamp - 3D Optical Lamp
  6. If you used to do some swimming, or were just a casual fan of the sport, this is the lamp for you. This elite swimmer completing a butterfly stroke is a sight to behold. The perfection of this movement is a display which I could gaze into for endless amounts of time. This elegant piece of art will fit with anyone's home décor!  Swimming Butterfly Stroke 3D Optical Illusion Lamp - 3D Optical Lamp
  7. This Kobe Bryant lamp pays homage to the late, great Kobe Bryant. Celebrate the life of this all time great basketball player. Incorporate this lamp and Kobe’s mamba mentality into your life. Ponder into the depth of Kobe Bryant’s greatness, and enjoy his legacy with every glance into this spectacular 3D Optical Lamp! Basketball KB-24 Statue 3D Optical Illusion Lamp - 3D Optical Lamp

Hopefully you enjoyed reading today's blog, and some of the featured lamps caught your eye. If there is a particular lamp which you’re interested in purchasing, all of the lamps featured in today's blog can be found HERE! 

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